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How I went from a “Yes, I’ll do anything”, overworked entrepreneur to helping thousands of business owners find the peace and freedom they got into business for in the first place.

When I first started my marketing agency back in 2013 I couldn’t say NO. Whatever a customer wanted, by golly, I would figure out a way to get it done.

I was so afraid of losing a client because that would mean I would have to go out and find another one just to keep the lights on in the office. This mentality just sucked the life right out of me.

I left for work before the kids got up and I wouldn’t get home till they were already in bed. I had no peace with my business partner, with our finances, or with our projects.


Partners, Courses, & A Thousand Mistakes Along The Way…

I made every mistake you possibly could at first. My business partner and I took every course out there and we just kept saying yes to every client and prospect. So, we had to hire more staff to handle the work. We had to close more deals to pay for the staff and then we had to hire more staff to fulfill the work. You see where this is going? Good, because I didn’t for a long time.

The first few years were tough.

Life was grim and we had no real good future to live into. I kept working harder but the profits kept going to payroll and I started making less and less each month. With my business partner and I being overworked and underpaid (to the point where we weren’t able to pay our personal bills), things would get quite heated.

I remember we would close the door to my office and turn spotify up so loud that we hoped our employees didn’t hear us screaming at each other.

The landlord even came up to our office a couple of times saying the company next door was complaining about our loud and profane arguments.

Then I discovered that building
my own business did not have to suck.

I had an ah-ha moment at a seminar I was at and realized that I was only “busy” because of my actions. I thought, well if I don’t want to be busy, then I don’t have to be. I started leaving the office at 5pm everyday no matter what. I found I was more rested and I accomplished more work in a shorter amount of time than I did if I was at the office for 16 hours. And my work quality was much higher.

I discovered how to optimize my business.

In light of this newfound freedom of not having to run my business in fear, I started to say no. I said no to clients. I said no to prospects. I stopped taking clients on who I thought would be a pain in my butt. I stopped doing work that wasn’t part of the original scope or work that wasn’t a strength for us.

When I scaled down to what we were actually good at, I had more time on my hands. Then, I discovered how to streamline what we do for every customer. We built a system that made it possible to get a project done in 1 hour which used to take us a week.

We then partnered with a few affiliate sources and went from 40 clients to over 2,000. We were able to scale our staff in such a way that I was completely removed from the production side of the business, to solely working on growing the business.

Over time, I became passionate about teaching.

I taught in our church and I taught sales reps when I managed sale departments. I started teaching friends who owned their own business what I’ve learned and they absolutely started to crush it.

Then, I started hearing from all of our clients. They were taking courses, going to events, and learning from people how to take their businesses to the next level. Initially, they were so excited, but in only a few months that excitement wore off. They were then left with the same failing funnels.

It just pissed me off to see good people spend a lot of money and have nothing to show for it. I knew I could help these people in a way that that would have a tangible way to grow and see results quickly and without them having to do all the work.

Shoot, most of these people were not tech savvy, yet they were being told to go set up their own landing pages, merchant gateways, email marketing systems. That’s not their strength, so nothing would get done.

I do this every day and have a team to help people. It just made sense to start a new coaching business helping people in ways that they’ve never been helped before.



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